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MONOMASTER Line Waste Management System Fly Tying Tool


monoMASTER Line Waste Management System

monoMASTER Line Waste Management System.

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Monomaster Fly Fishing, Tying Tools and Streamside Accessories.


MONOMASTER Streamside Accessory.

The monoMASTER  is an innovative new fishing tool that is a MUST HAVE for every angler. This handy tool is small and lightweight and collects all the waste fishing line that you generate when changing flies or leaders. Hang from a fishing vest, keep it in your pocket, or creel/tackle bag.  Whether you generate an inch or a few yards of waste, this tool provides an easy and environmentally sound solution. No more tangles in your waders, pockets, or tackle box and no waste fishing line on the riverbank. The monoMASTER acts as a holder or storage unit until the waste can be disposed of.

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MONOMASTER Fly Fishing and Tying Tools.

Simple to use – offer the waste fishing line to the monoMASTER, turn the handle and the line will disappear into the unit. To empty the monoMASTER simply remove the cap, withdraw the centre, cut the waste fishing line, dispose of it carefully then re-assemble the monoMASTER ready for your next outing.