Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamp

The Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamp: Designed to open and close all sizes and materials of split shot. One jaw is shaped like a triangle/wedge and the other jaw has two recesses to hold the shot. 

Simply place the shot in the recess and close the clamp. 

Dr. Slick SlickRelease Clamp

Dr. Slick SlickRelease Clamp: Easy, hands-free release of fish finally done right! Simply slide the tube down your tippet until the fly is inside the tube. 

Loon UV Plasma Light

The Loon UV Plasma Light:

… The ultimate UV-curing light.
Designed to provide a faster, stronger, more tack-free cure on all of Loon’s UV resins, the UV Plasma Light is for tyers who demand the best. It is powered by a 18650 battery and is rechargeable using the included micro USB cable. The larger body allows for beefed-up components and a second chip, making for unmatched curing power.


Fly Tying Dubbing Wax

Fly Tying Dubbing Waxes serve many purposes. Fly Tying Dubbing Wax  is used on the fingertips (sparsely) to increase the friction applied to thread and dubbing.

Stonfo Travel Tool Set

Kopter Flies Fly Tying Scissors

Kopter Flies Fly Tying Scissors:

The Kopter Flies Scissors Precision edges have been especially designed for fly tying purpose by Kopter Flies to assure the best cutting action ever.

Kopter Flies Company

Kopter Flies Company born in 2018 with the goal to develop and distribute high quality fly tying tools. It is owned by me, Piero Sistino. I work as Program Quality Engineering in aeronautics and I fish …

Kopter Flies Fly Tying Tweezers

Kopter Flies Fly Tying Tweezers: Kopter Flies Tweezers PRECISION Thin Point are the perfect fly tying tool in order to to manage properly any little feathers, furs, barbs during all the fly tying phases.

Loon One Piece Zippy Hair Stacker

Loon One Piece Zippy Hair Stacker

The Flymen Fishing Company Fly Tester

Flymen Fishing Company Fly Tester : Take your fly tying to the next level with the complete out of the box solution for fly testing and demonstration. The Fly Tester creates a steady circular flow of water with adjustable flow control …

Loon Ergo Hackle Plier

Loon Ergo Hackle Plier

Loon Vise Pawn

Loon Vise Pawn

Wooden Fly Tying Tool Caddy / Stadium

Wooden Fly Tying Tool Caddy / Stadium: An efficient way to store a variety of your tools. Back side is lifted for a sloped easier tool access.

Mikael Frodin Fits Turbo 1/2 Tungsten Cone

Mikael Frodin Fits Turbo 1/2 Tungsten Cone

Loon Fly Tying Scissors Tying_Tools_banner_2048x

Loon Fly Tying Scissors

The Loon Outdoors D-Loop Tweezer.

Loon Outdoors D-Loop Tweezers

Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit.

Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

Boomerang Tool Comany Fly Fishing Tools

Boomerang Tool Company

The Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device.

Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device