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Simms Fishing Wading Boots and Studs.

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Sometimes two feet can get you places two oars can’t !

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Do your Wading Boots look like this?

Selecting the right sole for the type of conditions you are wading prevents slipping and ensures you wade safely. Remember different conditions require specialize footwear.

Felt Soles:

Felt soles often preferred in algae covered rock bottom rivers and shorelines, and grip well on slippery rocks or streambeds.

Pay attention to local regulations as many states and even countries have implemented bans on felt in an effort to prevent the transmission of invasive species.

Always take care to dry and clean felt between uses to prevent spreading invasive species.

Felt offers no discernible advantage on salt water flats, muddy, or soft bottom streams or lakes and can be slippery on grass or steep slopes.

In snow, felt may not be the best choice as snow sticks to wet felt greatly reduced stability while potentially adding weight.
Studs can be added after market on many designs.

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Rubber Soles:

Rubber soles are helpful when terrains are gravel, mud or grass.

Rubber soles are a good choice in areas were felt is banned in an effort to prevent the transfer of invasive species.

Rubber soles are available in a range of patterns and compound compositions. Each design can provide traction and performance benefits in certain conditions but may not perform well in others.

Rubber is often preferred in snowy, icy winter conditions.

Studs can be added after market on many designs.

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Simms Zipit Bootie Beer Holders.

Studded Soles:

The improved traction of studded soles, combined with a wading staff, can make wading safer when fishing deep, fast rivers.

Often the addition of studs in snowy winter conditions prevents slipping.

Studs can be slippery on dry, round or larger hard surfaces on riverbanks and shorelines.

In an effort to prevent damage to valuable equipment, most guides won’t allow studded wading boots when using a drift boat or raft.

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