The Conestogo River

The Conestoga River

The Conestogo River

Is located north of Elmira at Hwy 86N. It is an up-and-coming tailwater fishery, which is stocked with Brown Trout but also features Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye/Pickerel.

Fishing is available below the dam on the Conestogo River. This area has a large pool just below the dam wingwalls. It is a deep rocky bottom that gradually shallows and narrows into a series of fast water runs and smaller deep pools. Large rocks are also scattered along the river course. The water levels in the river fluctuate frequently during early spring and summer due to flood control operations. When water levels are high, proper bait presentation is virtually impossible.

Conestogo River Reservoir

Conestogo River and Reservoir.

BROWN TROUT have been stocked since 2003. This program has resulted in this area becoming a destination for people seeking trout. The waters of the Conestogo are ideal for this species from the season opener on the fourth Saturday in April through to the middle of July. The cold water release from the bottom draw dam makes the river suitable trout habitat for about 15 km downstream of the dam. A wide variety of techniques are successful including various fly patterns, small spinners, plugs and live baits.

Anglers can access the trout fishery at the lower Conservation Area, Glen Allan, Macton Bridge and Regional Road 86 bridge just outside Wallenstein. These access locations have been developed in partnership with local landowners, Friends of the Grand River, Guelph District office of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the GRCA.

SMALLMOUTH BASS can be found in rock eddies and deeper pools that fast water flows into. Baits to use are worms, minnows, spinners, jigs, and small shallow running crank baits that imitate crayfish or insects. Don’t forget to try some top water baits or even a live frog.

PIKE are the top species in the river. Excellent catches are frequent in the spring, but catch and release must be practised to sustain excellent fishing in the future. These fish are found mostly in the large pool at the dam but some show up in deep pools further down the river.

You can check the GRCA Site for a minute by minute report on water temperatures and flow rates on the Conestogo River.

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