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Bill “Rushton” Custom Wooden Landing Nets

19 Inch Female Grand River Brown Trout _Rushton_Net The Brown Model AA

19″  Grand River Brown Trout  – Rushton Landing Net – “The Brown Model”.

Landing and proper handling of a fish you intend to release requires good equipment and proper technique. These tasks are made much easier when using a well designed landing net.

About Rushton Landing Nets and Cradles:

Rushton Landing Nets are individually handcrafted using only the finest hardwoods from around the world, and are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your angling needs.

For Example:

Rushton Landing Net guide_dragon

Rushton Landing Net             Guide Dragon.

The Dragon and it’s Dimensions :

The Dragon is a large net for big fish. It gets its name from Dragon Lake in Northern British Columbia which is the home of many trophy sized Rainbow Trout.

The six ply hoop with 31″ handle makes landing these trophies an easy task. The Dragon also has inlaid dots down the length of the handle every 2″ which  will allow for a quick length measurement before release. A durable                  urethane finishes the package.

Opening Size: 15 1/2″ x 21″ Overall length: 52″ Net depth: 23 1/2″

Rushton Landing Nets Guide Series Brian Chan

Rushton Landing Nets         Guide Series Brian Chan.

The Brian Chan Net and it’s Dimensions:

The Brian Chan Catch & Release Net is a standard style catch and release net with a five ply bow and                a 30″ handle. The large hoop dimension and deep net bag make it ideal for catch & release fishing out of a boat.

The net has the name lasered down the length of the handle and Brian Chan’s signature under the Rushton Net logo. 

Opening Size: 9″ x 19″           Overall length: 49″           Net depth: 14 1/2″

See here for other options available and contact us for current inventory, pricing and or delivery.

Hemingway's Fly Fishing Products

Hemingway’s Premium Nets

We offer a selection of Premium Nets from Hemingway’s  distributed by Frostyfly.

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Frostyfly – Distributors of Hemingway’s Products.

frostyfly landing-nets_kyacbh-400x266

Hemingway’s Premium Landing Nets Distributed by Frostyfly.

Please visit here to see available options and then contact the store for further details and availability.

Lucky Strike Landing Nets

Lucky Strike Landing Nets

There are a variety of custom wooden nets for every species and every environment.

We have the capability of any form of customization including style of net, measuring marks, selection of wood.

Please contact us for your custom creation.

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Orvis Fly Fishing

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