Gravel Guards

Fishing Waders Gravel Guards

Although most wader manufacturers now have “built-in” gravel guards, some lower priced, or older versions will require the use of these gravel guards.

As we are a retailer of ALL the leading brands of waders, we have in stock, and have access to gravel guards from each of these manufacturers.

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Wright & McGill Wader Change Pad

Wader Changer

  • The Wader Changer is constructed of heavy-duty neoprene and is a full 30″ tall x 48″ wide, giving you a large, comfortable surface to stand on when changing.
  • The durable neoprene surface will cushion your wader socks from any sharp surfaces and will also help keep them clean, which is important, as dirt and small rocks trapped between your wading shoes and wader socks will reduce the life of your waders.

High Quality Fishing Equipment

For over 88 years, Wright & McGill has been a leader in the sport fishing industry. Today, the W&M brand includes signature series rods, saltwater rods, fly rods for men and women, reels, travel bags, tackle management products, fishing tools and performance guide wear, all designed to look better, feel better and perform better than competing brands, at a fraction of the price.

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Wright & McGill Wader Changer

Wright & McGill Wader Changer

Wright & McGill Wader Changer Unrolled

Wright & McGill Wader Changer Unrolled