The Fly Tier’s Benchside Reference to Techniques and Dressing Styles – Ted Lesson & Jim Schollmeyer

Catch Magazine - Season 8 DVD

Catch Magazine – Season 8 DVD

Skagit Master 3 DVD

Skagit Master Volume 3 – Steelhead Flies Beyond The Books DVD

Skagit Master 3 presents modern concepts in steelhead fly design. No single steelhead pattern is a silver bullet. Confidence in the fly you choose plays a major role in your success. But thinking beyond what you learned in the “how to” books of the past often results in some cool fly concepts.

Skagit Master 3 features a few modern patterns and the steelheaders who tie them: Hannah Belford, Tom Larimer, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Hickman, Ed Hepp and of course Scott Howell, Ed Ward and Jerry French.

Steelhead flies showcased: The Grizzly Bear, Reverse Marabou, Orange Blossom, Fish Taco, Underachiever, Ska-opper and an Ed Ward Intruder.

Skagit Master 3 is much more than a fly tying film: The steelheaders in the show invite you into their world. A series of underwater studies examine light and dark flies in various water and light conditions. A flow tank is used to present each pattern in a controlled environment.

Filmed in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Skagit Master 3 is the third production in the five part Skagit Master series. Go To: to purchase the entire Skagit Master collection.


Skagit Master 2 DVD

Skagit Master Volume 2 – Featuring Scott Howell

120 Mins. Filmed in 720 HD. Available in standard definition only.

Filmed in BC and Oregon, “Steelheading Outside The Box” is the most insightful, technique focused steelhead film in over a 25 years. There are no indicators or dead drifted nymphs in this film, just deeply sunk swinging flies, jacked by Skagit Flight and Skagit Short shooting heads, wicked looking custom Intruders and water spitting popping bugs chugging behind the latest high tech Scandi heads. It’s steelheading Scott’s way. Whether he’s dropping a cone head Prom Dress through 10 feet of cold winter flow to a short piece of holding water or popping a foam lipped Ska-opper over a roily boulder patch, Scott knows where fish live and how to make them to respond.

Few “How To” films deliver the goods. From the intimate coastal streams of Northern BC to his home waters in Oregon, Scott Howell goes fishing and shares the techniques he developed throughout is career and lands over a dozen wild steelhead in the process.

Scott’s philosophy is, “If that steelhead intended to eat your fly, it would have”. You shouldn’t worry about the ones that got away or the short strikes, dull pulls and plucks. Enjoy and respect them all. But cherish the ones you get to touch.

Skagit Master 2 Featuring Scott Howell is the perfect companion to Skagit Master Volume 1 Featuring Ed Ward.

Skagit Master 1 DVD

Skagit Master Volume 1 – Featuring Ed Ward DVD

Skagit Master Featuring Ed Ward DVD contains:
  • Step by step grass casting sequences demonstrating the various Skagit Poke casts, Skagit Double and C-Spey.
  • Real world application of Skagit Casting in actual fishing situations.
  • Ed Ward tying an Intruder with Co-designer, Jerry French.
  • Skagit Casting with Switch rods for trout and other species.
  • Line Splicing techniques
  • Special guest appearance by steelhead guides Scott Howell, Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell and Jeff Hickman.
  • Special Bonus Features section.
Spey to Z DVD

Spey to Z DVD

All casting, even spey casting, is governed by the same fundamental principles. Beginning with a single-handed rod and a standard overhead cast, Spey to Z  clearly explains and demonstrates the differences between the three primary styles of spey casting (Traditional, Scandinavian and Skagit). Casting instructors Way Yin, Topher Browne and Greg Pearson—each an expert in one of the three disciplines—present each style as an adaptation to differences in tackle and specific fishing applications. Featuring exceptionally high production values, Spey to Z is widely regarded as the authoritative treatment of spey casting in the 21st century.

Rio's Modern Spey Casting

Rio’s Modern Spey Casting DVD


The most comprehensive film on spey casting techniques ever made.

  • This triple disc DVD from RIO stars a notable team of experts: George Cook, Simon Gawesworth, Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell, Dana Sturn and Ed Ward. Learn from these masters the classic Single Spey, Double Spey, Switch cast and Roll cast, and also the modern spey casts such as the Snake Roll, Circle Spey, Snap T, Snap Z, Wombat cast, Underhand cast, Spiral Spey, Spiral Double Spey, Jelly Roll, Perry Poke and Skagit casting. 3-Disc, 240 minutes.
Advanced Spey with John and Amy Hazel

Advanced Spey DVD with John and Amy Hazel

JOHN & AMY HAZEL are as accomplished a Spey Fishing couple as you will find. They guide and instruct on a daily basis out of their Fly Shop and Guide Service in Maupin, Oregon on the Deschutes River. John is a pioneer of Spey Fishing in the Northwest and has introduced hundreds to the sport. Together they are a great team that delivers concise and detailed instruction you can take to the water.

Henrik Mortensen #6 - Patterns of Patagonia DVD

Henrik Mortensen #6 – Patterns of Patagonia DVD

Henrik Mortensen #6 – Patterns of Patagonia We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the latest Mortensen DVD

Henrik Mortensen is back at the world’s finest sea trout river – Rio Grande in Patagonia in southern Argentina in his 6th DVD, a dream come true for any angler! But this time Rio Grande is a genuine nightmare: A swelling, brown river with temperatures several degrees below normal/standards. To most fly fishers that would mean a completely ruined trip, but not to Henrik.

Lani Waller's Steelhead Legacy DVD

Steelhead Legacy Featuring Lani Waller DVD

This 2-DVD set follows Lani Waller through 25 years of chasing wild steelhead on some of the best fishing rivers in the world. The first DVD is comprised of Lani’s video series from early 1980’s– the all time bestseller for steelhead for 20+ years. In the second DVD Lani revisits waters highlighting all the major changes in steelhead fishing during the last two decades. Lani updates casting techniques, equipment, and strategies that, in years past, were not even imagined. Includes maps and advice on where, when, and how to fish the Great Lakes region. 4 hrs.

Henrik Mortensen #5 The Scandinavian Spey cast 2 DVD

Henrik Mortensen #5 The Scandinavian Spey cast 2 DVD

Henrik Mortensen #5 The Scandinavian Spey cast 2In this volume of the Fly Fishing Academy Henrik Mortensen expands on the intriguing Scandinavian casting and fishing style he first presented in volume four. In addition to the overall fishing strategy message, the two foci of the film are efficiently and effectively employing the lift in the cast and the art of dry fly fishing. Henrik demonstrates and explains how important the lift is for the cast, and how by doing an alternative cast, which Henrik dubs the Triple C, one can change the lift and direction of the cast. With this demonstration and detailed explanation it is easy to see how important casting techniques are and how they benefit catching results. To add to the intrigue, Henrik employs the use of the highly practical switch rods, which are becoming more and more popular.

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the latest Mortensen DVD – “Patterns of Patagonia”.

Henrik Mortensen #4 The Scandinavian Spey cast DVD

Henrik Mortensen #4 The Scandinavian Spey cast DVD

Henrik Mortensen #4 The Scandinavian Spey cast 1In this volume, Henrik Mortensen focuses on what he terms “the Scandinavian Spey Cast.” To lend perspective, he visits the famous River Dee in Scotland to analyze the historical roots of the traditional Spey cast with a classic Scottish ghillie. He then travels to Canada’s beautiful Gaspé Peninsula in Eastern Quebec to illustrate his modern, redefined version with practical implementation on three of the most challenging salmon rivers in the world: Grande Cascapedia, Bonaventure, and Petite Cascapedia. Under sub-optimal conditions of the early season, low water, few fish and very clear rivers, the benefits of the Scandinavian Spey Cast become apparent.

Raising The Ghost DVD

Raising The Ghost DVD

“Raising the Ghost” chronicles 7 epic days of fly fishing in a remote region of British Columbia’s Skeena River System. The Fly Boys team is attempting to catch Steelhead eating dead-drift dry flies.

Dry fly steelhead fishing like never seen before…

Action and conservation, displaying some thrilling dry fly fishing for steelhead (with dead drifted green drakes!), but also airing the concern that many anglers have for this magnificent fish. Chaotic trip and video, but certainly entertaining.

Metalhead - The last in the series from AEG

Metalhead – The last in the series from AEG DVD

Metalhead – The last in the series from AEGMetalhead chronicles the epic journey of five fish bums and their friends as they travel to remote Northwestern wilderness in search of legendary steelhead; the hottest freshwater fish you can catch on a fly rod and also a fish whose survival hangs in the balance. Filmed as an adventure documentary, the fish bums face the challenges of mother-nature, border police and Giardia. This untamed and majestic land offers the best opportunity for an angler to hook into a wild trophy steelhead. If you are lucky enough to land one these incredible fish, you will be forever changed. Follow the dedication, obsession and insanity that drive steelheaders to pursue a fish that is not in the river to feed, a fish known as Metalhead.

Patagonian Siver DVD by Mountian Media

Patagonian Silver DVD – Mountain Media Fly Fishing Productions

66 min + 37 min bonus (2011)

Rio Gallegos in Patagonia offers some of the world’s best sea trout fishing.
Using Las Buitreras Fishing Lodge as our base, we set off for an exciting adventure along the river.

We struggle to get our flies out in the wind, which sometimes reaches speeds of 100 km an hour. And when the trout takes, it feels as if time is standing still, and even the wind ceases to exist.
Leap after leap, high up into the air – the fight never seems to end.
The powerful silver fighter never gives up, leaving you with memories for life.

The flora and fauna in this arid landscape are very interesting. Along the river we experience the richness of its birdlife, as well as the curiosity of lots of other unusual animals.
We visit the majestic Perito Moreno glacier and get to know the charming Magellan penguins on the Straits of Magellan.

In the bonus material you’ll see, among other things, Claudio tying his favourite fly, get tips about fishing equipment and learn more about what Las Buitreras has to offer.
Join us in our adventure to Argentina, and meet Patagonia’s silver!

Make 'Em Swim! Mikael Frodin DVD

Make ‘Em Swim! DVD Featuring Mikael Frodin

In this new film about tube-based flies you can follow Mikael Frodin as he ties some exciting designs. You’ll get tips and tricks for everything from the simplest swimming micro-tube to innovative Skaters and Hitch flies.

Fly Fishing in the Wilds of Patagonia DVD

Fly Fishing in the Wilds of Patagonia DVD

This is a two show DVD set.

Rio Gallegos: Skinny Water-Giant Sea-Run Brown Trout
The Rio Gallegos has rebounded thanks to conservation efforts. She has large runs of giant sea-run brown trout that can be caught in skinny water spring creek conditions with small flies. Once hooked, these sea-runs go airborne in the shallow river creating spectacular displays for the angler amid vistas of the sweeping landscaped pampas

Jurassic Lake: The Road from Hell to the Lake from Heaven
World famous for the best rainbow trout fishing on the planet, this remote desert lake teems with rainbow trout up to 40 lbs. It is one of the most remote places on earth, and the only way to get there is to drive a 4X4 on the road from hell to get to this lake from heaven.

Distance and Delicacy Featuring Henrik Mortensen DVD

Distance and Delicacy Featuring Henrik Mortensen DVD

With the second volume in Henrik Mortensen’s Fly Fishing Academy, we present you with his fundamental approach to fly fishing, which is based upon total control of the fly. In order to demonstrate various techniques, he chose one of the most prestigious and challenging locations in the world to fish for sea trout, the famed Rio Grande of Tierra del Fuego in the southernmost part of Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego, which was once thought to be a myth at the end of the world, holds every worldrecord for sea trout caught on a fly rod. And even though the Rio Grande calls for serious distancecasting in many places and forces anglers to deal with strong winds from the Andes Mountains, Henrik still pursues and demonstrates the ultimate control of the fly. Using both single and doublehanded rods, Henrik will teach you how to take advantage of the wind – and cast and fish with confidence in spite of it.

The general strategy used for the huge sea trout is small flies fished on long leaders, but he also covers sink line tactics and fishing throughout the darker hours with larger flies. Detailed directions are given on underhand casting with floating and heavy sinking lines. Particular consideration is also given on the ability to angle the line without disturbing the water.

Even if you are not planning a trip to Tierra del Fuego, this film is still worth seeing as the strategies and techniques Henrik teaches in it can be applied everywhere you go in pursuit of the big catch.

European Nymphing a Strategic Approach DVD

European Nymphing a Strategic Approach Featuring Araron Jasper DVD

Tutorial Fly Fishing DVD.
Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time
approx. 174 minutes In the first video of this highly touted European Nymphing
series, European Nymphing – Techniques and Fly Tying, Aaron Jasper explained
the mechanics and thought processes behind the various European Nymphing style
of fly fishing. He illustrated the mechanics and basics of the different
Nymphing rigs. In this video, European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach, the
second in Aaron’s European Nymphing series, Aaron shows you how to apply all
the fly fishing techniques learned in the first video. Through ten unique
scenarios and conditions, Aaron shows you how to approach the water, target the
fish, and bring the fish to net. All the scenarios were filmed on water
accessible to any member of the public, and none of the scenarios were
“set ups.” We waited for the scenarios we wanted to address to arise
on the river and then took you the viewer to them. After viewing this video you
will understand how to use the various methods of czech nymphing, polish
nymphing, french nymphing, and spanish nymphing to target fish in almost any
set of conditions. With over an hour and a half of fly tying, leader formulas,
graphics, classroom and on stream instruction, this video is sure to
exponentially increase your catch rates. This video was filmed and edited in
stunning full 1080p.

European Nymphing Techniques & Fly Tying DVD

European Nymphing Techniques & Fly Tying DVD

Shot and edited in stunning High Definition. European Nymphing Techniques and Fly Tying with Aaron Jasper is an instructional video that is the culmination of over three years of research, practical testing, and instruction both on the stream and in the classroom. Full of tips and techniques that you can’t find anywhere else. “Some years ago during a World International Fly Fishing event, the Polish team won the event by fishing a technique that was known to few others. In subsequent years both the French and the Czech teams have further won these major world class events with what most now understand as European fly fishing techniques: basically close range fishing with a team of flies representing invertebrate aquatic forms of life found close to the stream bed. For many these techniques have been a mystery and hardly understood. The written word will only go so far as to create interest and some basic knowledge. The practical aspects of these techniques require an on-stream scenario and visual explanation for a fundamental understanding from which the fly fisher can further his skills. This DVD has done just that. This video explains everything from the basic level of understanding how the systems work, to the importance of the rig, understanding the concepts of stream drift versus fly control, and advanced techniques: its all here. Aaron has done a fine job, and in my opinion has produced the Bible for those of you who wish to master the techniques of Polish, Czech, French and Spanish style nymphing. .”Chapters Include: -Czech/Polish style- introduction, casting and leading the flies. -French/ Spanish style- introduction, the sighter, casting, hand twist retrieve, leading the flies, high and low rod angles, upstream, up and across. -Leader setups and knot tying. -Fly tying- anchor flies: Dronestone, Polish Woven/ dropper flies: Triple Threat, Blue Winged Olive. Total Running Time: 2 Hrs. NTSC 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen.

High Sticking & Reading Water with Kelly Galloup DVD

High Sticking & Reading Water with Kelly Galloup DVD

Graphic demonstrations of high stick nymphing with detailed lessons on reading water are the heart of this 90 minute instructional video. Kelly shows you numerous ways to become a better nymph angler, including high sticking, where your fly line is kept off the water to insure a good drift. Along with a host of close-up angling sessions the production is filled with graphic illustrations that teach you how to read water. In this condensed look at five days on the river with Kelly you learn where to fish and how to be a better nymph angler.
Kelly Galloup is a great instructor, and in the video he dissects the river and clearly explains where and how to fish a variety of water types. Learn both tight-line and indicator tactics; discover where and when to fish each type of angling system.
You’ll see some nice fish along the way but more importantly you’ll discover how to nymph fish with a high rod. As Kelly says, “It’s all about a good drift”, and this is an essential form of presentation for doing just that.
Fly Placement is critical in your nymphing system and Kelly takes the time to explain where to place what type of fly on your leader. He looks in detail at midges, mayflies, caddis flies and attractor patterns.