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Backroad Mapbooks Logo Southern Ontario Topographic and Eastern Ontario Depth Chart B Resized for Web

Backroad Mapbooks Logo Southern Ontario Topographic and Eastern Ontario Depth Chart.

Backroad Mapbooks Mission Statement:
To provide the recreational enthusiast with the most up-to-date and detailed maps and information available in the outdoor market.

Mussio Ventures Ltd. was incorporated in 1993 and has become one of the top three map producers and one of the biggest publishers in Canada. We are in the business of producing, publishing, distributing and marketing Outdoor Recreation guidebooks and topographic maps. Selling over 100,000 copies annually of our Backroad Mapbook series is easily the best selling Outdoor Recreation guidebook series in Canada. We also sell almost 50,000 copies of our various Fishing Mapbooks, GPS Maps, Outdoor Recreation Maps, Topographic Maps and Digital Maps across Canada annually.
Russell and Wesley Mussio started the Backroad Mapbook Series in 1993. The brothers are avid backcountry explorers who love to pursue a variety of different activities. They came up with the idea when they realized it was rather cumbersome to cart a different book for each activity along with a stack of often-outdated maps.

Over the years, we have seen their small business grow to include up to a dozen people at any given time working on various publications across the country. Most of the production work is done out of our office/warehouse in Coquitlam, BC, but we also have affiliate offices near Ottawa, Ontario and outside of Kelowna, BC. To ensure a local touch, we contract writers/researchers from across the country.

The success of the company can be attributed to the unique type of product we offer. The emphasis on maps has allowed us to carve out a niche in the very competitive outdoor recreation guidebook market. Our books offer a unique combination of detailed topographic maps covering specific areas of a province along with descriptions on everything from fishing holes to hidden trails to places to camp and canoe.

Although the books get a lot of positive feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve them. It is through listening to our consumers, retailers and knowledgeable people that we are able to constantly improve the guidebooks. In fact, we encourage any comments or updates on any of the products. This constant search to make the best product available to the consumer at a reasonable price has been a successful formula for the company.

Our goal is to produce the most complete and up to date recreation guidebooks and maps in Canada. We are also actively looking to advance our digital side of the business including making our products e-book, Google Earth, smart phone and GPS compatible. By expanding this side of the business, we are confident we will have a product that will be sought after by all generations. Our ultimate goal is to have the Backroad Mapbook Series be considered ‘The Guidebook Series’ for exploring the Great Outdoors throughout North America. Whether you want a printed mapbook or a map you can load onto your iPhone or GPS, we want to be the product that shows you the way.

Backroad Mapbooks
The Backroad Mapbook Series is Canada’s guide to the outdoors. We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date topographic maps and outdoor recreation descriptions needed to get you outdoors safely and confidently. We have Backroad maps for all of Canada in a variety of formats including our very popular mapbooks, PDF books, digital maps, GPS maps and TOPO maps.

Here are a few features that make our mapbooks such a hit:

Backroad Mapbook Highlights:

  • Complete area topographic map coverage at better scales (150,000–250,000 depending on the province and region);
  • Extensive logging, industry and bush road coverage detailing road systems not found on most other maps;
  • Labeled backcountry roads and recreational features;
  • Trail systems, including defined ATV, snowmobile & multi-use trails;
  • Paddling routes with access points and portages marked;
  • Parks, protected and natural areas clearly labeled with symbols showcasing the main activities or amenities;
  • Recreation sites, conservation areas and regional park systems labeled and symboled;
  • Wildlife Management Unit boundaries for anglers and hunters;
  • Elevation relief shading with labeled contours to highlight mountains and river valleys;
  • UTM Grids along with latitude and longitude bearings;
  • Ontario Crown and Private/Restricted Land identified;
  • Alberta and Manitoba township grids.

Descriptions or write-ups on Backroad Attractions, Fishing (lakes, streams & ocean), Hunting, Paddling (lake, river & ocean), Parks and Recreation Sites, Trails (hiking, biking, ATV & multi-use), Wildlife Viewing, Winter Recreation (cross-country ski, downhill ski, snowshoe & snowmobile)

And much, much more.

BC mapbooks feature up to date forest service roads and trail systems along with unique British Columbia features like BC recreation sites, natural hot springs, big trees and ocean based activities. BC Backroad map areas include Vancouver Island, Cariboo Chilcotin, Kootenay Rockies, Northern BC, Thompson Okanagan and Vancouver Coast.

Alberta and the Prairie mapbooks showcase up to date oil & gas roads and trail systems along with unique features like Off Highway Vehicle areas, Alberta recreation areas and those famed national parks. Alberta Backroad Mapbook areas include Canadian Rockies, Central Alberta, Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta. Further east we have Southern Saskatchewan and all of Manitoba backroad maps.

Ontario and eastern Canada mapbooks highlight Ontario forest roads and trail systems along with unique features like snowmobile routes, Ontario Conservation Areas and Maritime beaches. Ontario Backroad Mapbooks include Cottage Country Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Northeastern Ontario, Northwestern Ontario and Southwestern Ontario. In Quebec we have Southwestern Quebec and the Montreal Laurentians. We also cover all of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI with Backroad maps.

The Backroad Mapbooks come in Print & PDF book versions.

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