We have partnered with world renowned artist Al Hassall to sell some of his unique artwork.

Click listings directly below to see the current pieces for sale:

“Buck Bug Steelhead” 

“Bulkley River Buck” 

“3 Amigos “

“Yin Yang Disco Ball”

“Blue Line”

SOLD “RED Cheeks, Black Tube” SOLD

“Kola Fly” Rick Whorwood Tie

“Little Wet”

“Brooky on Wood”

Al Hassall BIO Picture resized

Al Hassall “defined”…

Al’s Biography & Art History:

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art , University of Guelph , and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Western Ontario.

I taught Visual, and Fine Art at the High School ,and College level from 1977 to 2010 .

Portrait Picture Paradise lost , and Found, Boyne summer June July 2012 007

Portrait Picture.

During that time till present , I’ve “Freelanced “ for a number of Fly Fishing Publications and Journals:

Atlantic Salmon Journal , Fly Fisher , Fly Fusion , Outdoor Canada, Ontario Out of Doors , The American Fly Fisher [MUSEUM ] ,and others.

I currently illustrate for the best Fly Fishing Publication on the planet , Fly Fisherman Magazine [Seasonable Angler ].

As well , I’ve been fortunate to illustrate some mighty fine Books:

”Water Marks” , by Jim Mc Lennan;

“Becoming a Fly Fisher”, by John Randolph;

“Great Lakes Steelhead “, by Rick and Jerry Kustich;

and a number of Books by Jerry Kustich , most recent , “Around the Next Bend”.

In addition , lots of good fortune with TV , a CBC , Doc. “Lorde of the Flies” , and a guest on Bob Izumi’s , “Real Fishing “ on TSN.

I was  humbled with the Greg Clark Award in 1992 , presented by the Izaak Walton Fly Fishermen’s Club.

My work is in a number of Private Collections both in North America as well as other parts of the Globe.

I currently work out of my Studio in a beauty little Town called Terrace Bay on the Northern most tip of Lake Superior.

Al Hassall Selfie

Al Hassall’s “Selfie”…

It’s here that inspiration comes easily and the waters are cold and clean , and the Trout ! Oh those Trout ! Steelhead too !

I’ve left out a lot of “stuff”, Suffice to say , “the journey I’ve been on , over all these years , has by far outweighed the destination “ , whatever that may be ?

Fly Fishing has been good to me , beautiful people, memory’s, experiences…”A River never Sleeps”.

My Tools and Materials:

My brushes and paper , are simple , but the very best .

My Water color paper of choice has always been Arches , French , hand made, acid free in both “hot” and “cold pressed”in weights of 140 lb. To 300 lb .

Most of my pigments are Winsor & Newton as well as a few Holbein and Cotman’s .

My brushes are a mix of Kolinsky Sable , “series 7”, as well as a variety of nylon , nylon sable mix .

My ink pens are exclusively Rapidograph Koh-I -Noor, size 4×0 or .18 , and Drawing ink , Ultra Draw Black , waterproof.


*All WORK IS ORIGINAL* – no “prints” unless otherwise stated .

Al Hassall Seasonable ...TROUBLING THE wATERS 006


Once I’ve decided on an image , and after all the preliminary drawing , design and color considerations , I’ll plan a sequence of steps from beginning to end .

Watercolor is a great medium suited beautifully to my Subject Matter , but it’s unforgiving , and you can seldom go back if you miss a step !!

Regardless of whether it’s a large painting or a tiny ink drawing , my approach is much the same .


I welcome the challenge of painting or Book requests , and the occasional “Logo” Design .

Don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail through The First Cast, then voice to voice , and with luck , in person !

Al’s Mission Statement:

“Trout are my Sunrise , Sunset “ Over the past forty odd years , I’ve strived through my watercolors and illustrations to reflect an honest interpretation of the Fly Fisher’s world .

Al Hassall Tattoo Paradise lost , and Found, Boyne summer June July 2012 080

Al Hassall’s Calf Tattoo.

My paintings , I think , are simple and direct, sometimes experimental and exploratory , much like our approach to Fly Fishing with all it’s challenges , and mystery’s .

Through my travels , and many Rivers , I’ve experienced beautiful people and amazing places.

It’s because of Fly Fishing and all the magic it brings .

It’s my hope that some of my work will move you , the viewer /participant , in ways they have inspired me to create them .

Al Hassall

Contact Us for current Inventory and Ordering Details.

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Al Hassall BIO Picture resized

Artwork by Al Hassall

Al Hassall - Buck Bugs Steelhead 007

Al Hassall’s – “Buck Bug Steelhead”

Al Hassall Watercolor & ink; Arches Hot Press paper; 140…
Al Hassall - Bulkley River Buck

Al Hassall’s – “Bulkley River Buck”

Al Hassall "Bulkly River Buck" - $200 Ink and Watercolor…
Al Hassall - 3 Amigos

Al Hassall’s – “3 Amigos”

Al Hassall "3 Amigos" - $150 Watercolor and Ink; Arches…
Al Hassall - Blue Line

Al Hassall’s – “Blue Line”

Al Hassall "Blue Line" - $175 Pen and Ink; Plus a splootch…
Al Hassall - Yin Yang Disco Ball

Al Hassall’s – “Yin Yang Disco Ball”

Al Hassall "Yin Yang Disco Ball" - $175 Pen and ink; Arches…
Al Hassall - RED Cheeks Black Tube

Al Hassall’s – “Red Cheeks, Black Tube”

 SOLD - Al Hassall - SOLD  "Red Cheeks, Black Tube"…
"Kola Fly " Rick Whorwood Tie

Al Hassall’s – “Kola Fly” ( Rick Whorwood Tie )

Al Hassall "Kola Fly" ( Rick Whorwood Tie ) - $160 Pen…
Al Hassall Kola Fly on Oak cINKS, and Seasonable Angler's for Publication 2014 001

Al Hassall’s – “Kola Fly on Oak”

Al Hassall "Kola Fly on Oak" - $270.00 Pen and Ink; Arches…
Al Hassall Brookie on Wood INKS, and Seasonable Angler's for Publication 2014 002

Al Hassall’s – “Brooky on Wood”

Al Hassall "Brooky on Wood" - $250.00 Published Book…
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Fly Fusion Magazine

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