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Sage Igniter Fly Rod

Sage Igniter Fly Rod

Redington Hydrogen Euro Nymphing Rod Image

Redington Hydrogen Euro Nymphing Rod

Echo Traverse Kit

Echo Traverse Kit

Daiwa Algonquin Fly Rods.

Daiwa Algonquin Fly Rods

Simms Bounty Hunter 6 Single Hand Rod Cannon

Simms Bounty Hunter 6 Single Hand Rod Cannon


Echo Shadow Competition Kit – Euro / Czech Nymphing

Redington Chromer Two Handed Rod and Redington Behemoth 9 10 Fly Reel AA

Redington Chromer

Sage Mod 2015 Spey Rod 6130 4 AA

Sage Two-Handed Mod Spey Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Drift Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Drift Rod

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Rodmounts Rod Holders – Rod Racks for Cars

See here for the Rodmounts website and then contact us for inventory or ordering details.

Rodmounts Sumo Suction Magnetic Resized for Web

Rodmounts – Sumo Suction or Magnetic.

Suction or Magnet?
There is no “better” system as both types have advantages and disadvantages. You should consider how you are going to use the SUMO to help in making a decision.


Magnets will only adhere to steel surfaces (check your hood and roof with a refrigerator magnet to find out).
Generally, magnets are easier and faster to use.
Magnets are less sensitive to temperature, dust and water on the car’s surface. Magnets will work in extremely cold temperatures; in fact they are impervious to temperatures.
Magnets require flat surfaces for optimum adhesion.


Suction mounts can adhere to any smooth and non-porous surface making them more versatile than magnets.
Suction mounts can adhere to slightly curved surfaces.
Suction mounts are more sensitive to cold temperatures and wet and dirty surfaces. Cold, wet and dirty surfaces can inhibit adhesion.
Suction mounts are not sensitive to hot temperatures. It takes a bit more time and effort to set-up suction mounts due to the need to activate the lever-lock mechanism to create suction (and we’re talking seconds here).
General Guidelines For Determining Which Mounting Method Is Best For You *

Are you a winter or fair-weather angler?
Does your car have a steel roof and hood?
Do you want to mount to the sunroof or windshield?
Do you intend to take your SUMO on airlines?
What type of fishing do you do? Are you driving from hole to hole or do you drive from home to your destination?
Suction mounts when properly used provide more holding power than magnets
RODMOUNTS has attempted to make SUMO the best rod carrier for outside of cars that does not require mounting to a roof rack. And short of drilling into your hood and roof and bolting something down, SUMO is a great way to transport your rods rigged and ready to fish in a quick and convenient way.

* RODMOUNTS does not make specific recommendations as to which method is best for your situation. Also, RODMOUNTS does not make maximum driving speed recommendations.¹ It is the user’s responsibility to determine which mounting method is best suited for them. Remember that magnet and suction mounts are interchangeable and are easy and quick to change allowing you to customize your SUMO for your specific situation.

¹ RODMOUNTS makes no speed recommendations or ratings due to factors outside of our control such as quantity and type of tackle being transported, driving style, road and weather conditions, condition of vehicle surfaces, improper use or maintenance.

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Practice Fly Rods

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Sage Fly Rods


G. Loomis Fly Rods

Scott Fly Rods

Scott Fly Rods

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Echo Fly Rods

As there are so many competing brands at each price point, it is very difficult to inventory each company’s entire line-up of Fly Fishing Rods.


Echo 3 Spey Rod.

We order from each Manufacturer / Distributor weekly and will be happy to order you anything you wish.

Please contact us for specific products offered within this company’s line here.

Hatch Reel Echo Rod Florida Redfish

Hatch Reel / Echo Saltwater Rod and a Florida Redfish.

St. Croix Fly Rods

St. Croix Fly Rods

As there are so many competing brands at each price point, it is very difficult to inventory each company’s entire line-up of Fly Fishing Rods.

We order from each Manufacturer / Distributor weekly and will be happy to order you anything you wish.

Occasionally you find yourself forced into a social situation that involves making conversation. With politics and religion off the table, you have two choices: You can be the dweeb that talks about work, or you can talk about fishing. Unfortunately, the popularity that comes with tales of musky hunting and bass thumping means you need a pretty extensive catalog of material. There’s only one way to get that, and thankfully, it involves having a rod in your hand…

Some of us have been fly fishing for decades. Some may be just getting started. But we are all bound by the same thing – the overwhelming surge of emotion that happens right at the moment we realize a fish has taken our fly. Anyone who thinks this gets old or that after some time those moments blend together and become indistinguishable – they probably don’t do enough fishing to know…

Design &

IPC®, ART™, TET, FRS and the many other design and manufacturing technologies and protocols that go into building the most advanced fishing rods on earth didn’t come about by accident – or by trial and error. We are always pushing the outer limits of new manufacturing technologies. We use the latest in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology to turn our own aluminum and plastic trim pieces, wind checks, shims and other rod components. This allows us to tightly control the precision and quality of every part while increasing efficiency in our work flow. It’s about as high-tech as you can get – and produces a better, more consistent product, every time.

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