Blue Eared Pheasant Skin

Blue Eared Pheasant Skin

Kreinik Fly Tying Materials

Kreinik Fly Tying Materials

Whiting Farms Genetic American Rooster Cape - Badger Dyed Kingfisher Blue

Whiting Farms Genetic American Rooster Cape – Custom Badger Dyed Kingfisher Blue

Successful Angler’s Wild Duck CDC

McFlyfoam fly Tying Material

McFly Foam Fly Tying Material

Heritage Angling Products Logo - heritage-logo-50001

Heritage Angling Products

Heritage Angling Products

Specialty materials and components for tying Tube Flies for Steelhead, Salmon and warm water species.

Heritage Angling Products offers a complete range of specialty fly tying materials for tying tube flies. This offering includes Tubing, Tube Cones, Turbo Discs and other products used for tying tube flies used in fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout, as well as warm water species.

See here for their comprehensive product line, and then contact us to see current inventory.

FlyboxLogo1-10-574x277 – Modern Fly Tying Materials

“ is one of the UK’s leading developers of materials and products for use in fly-tying.


Flybox – Rock Hard Head Cement / Varnish.

Founded in 2004 by one of the UK’s most progressive fly-tyers, Ian Christie, Ian now works with many of Scotland’s top fly tyers and competition anglers to continually develop his exclusive range and bring innovation and modernity to the sport and to the art of fly-tying. is dedicated to ensuring the products you receive are of the very best quality, delivered quickly and perfect for purpose.”

Flybox Logo

Have a look at the Flybox website here, and then contact us for inventory or ordering details.