Fly Fishing for Toothy Musky and Pike AA

Fly Fishing for Musky & Pike

Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail

Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail

OPst composite brush

OPST Composite Brushes


TFC’s Light Sabre for Curing Ultra Violet Resins & Evaluating UV Presence

Yarn Assortment for Tying Yarn Flies for Steelhead.

Yarn Assortment for Tying Yarn Flies

Jig Hooks for Bead Heads AA

Fly Tying Jig Hooks for Bead Heads

Lightweight rainbow Dumbells - A

Fishient Lightweight 3D Plastic Rainbow Dumbbell Eyes


OPST – Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics – Shank Chuck Tool

Solarez UV resin Fly Tying products Logo

Solarez UV Resin Fly Tying products

Partridge of Redditch - Waddington Shanks & Intruder Shanks

Partridge of Redditch – Waddington Shanks & Intruder Shanks

MFC – Montana Fly Company – Chuck Kraft’s Kreelex Fish Flash

McFlyfoam fly Tying Material

McFly Foam Fly Tying Material

McFly Foam Fly Tying Material


Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Fly Tying Kits

TFC Tungsten beads

TFC Tungsten Bead Assortment

OPST Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics Logo

OPST – Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

Jan Siman Logo

Jan Siman Ltd. Fly Tying Materials

Heritage Angling Products Logo - heritage-logo-50001

Heritage Angling Products

Heritage Angling Products

Specialty materials and components for tying Tube Flies for Steelhead, Salmon and warm water species.

Heritage Angling Products offers a complete range of specialty fly tying materials for tying tube flies. This offering includes Tubing, Tube Cones, Turbo Discs and other products used for tying tube flies used in fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout, as well as warm water species.

See here for their comprehensive product line, and then contact us to see current inventory.

Pro Sport Fisher Fly Tying Materials

Pro Sportfisher Fly Tying System

FlyboxLogo1-10-574x277 – Modern Fly Tying Materials

“ is one of the UK’s leading developers of materials and products for use in fly-tying.


Flybox – Rock Hard Head Cement / Varnish.

  Christie, Ian now works with many of Scotland’s top fly tyers and competition anglers to continually develop his exclusive range and bring innovation and modernity to the sport and to the art of fly-tying. is dedicated to ensuring the products you receive are of the very best quality, delivered quickly and perfect for purpose.”

Flybox Logo

Have a look at the Flybox website here, and then contact us for inventory or ordering details.

Mad River Dubbing Company

Mad River Dubbing Company

Mad River Dubbing Company

Click here to see what Mad River Dubbing Company has to offer and then contact us for details as to current inventory.

About Mad River Dubbing Company:

We are a small fly fishing designer and manufacturing

company located in Central NY.



None of our products are

assembled or manfactured by companies overseas.

We manufacture and distribute over 600 different types

of fly tying materials for the fly fishing market.

We can dye and process any synthetic or natural tying

material to your specifications and specific market.

We carry an extensive line of dubbings, tailing materials,

body materials, as well as a full line of winging material in

both synthetics and natural for both the freshwater as

well as saltwater markets.

Silver Tip Fly Company

Silver Tip Fly Company

Veevus Fly Tying Threads

Veevus Fly Tying Thread

Pearsall’s Fly Tying Thread

Hemingway's Fly Fishing Products

Hemingway’s Fly Fishing Products

Montana Fly Company Fly Tying Materials

Montana Fly Company Fly Tying Materials, Tools & Boxes (MFC)

OPL Saltwater Fly Fishing Materials - DNA

DNA by O.P.L. Fly Tying Materials

This superb synthetic fibre is perfect for baitfish patterns and can also be used in the wings and tails on dry flies.

A translucent fiber, that has plenty of movement, changes colour depending on how the light hits it.

Please contact the store for further details and availability.

Fly Rite Fly Tying Materials and Tools

Fly-Rite Fly Tying Tools & Fly Tying Materials

Dohiku Fly Tying Hooks

Dohiku Fly Tying Hooks & Tying Materials