Stanley's Ice Off Paste Assortment.

Stanley’s Ice Off Paste Assortment.

Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste is the world’s only  De-Icer” for fishing lines and guides.

HLS Hi-Vis Line GLX 1562 3 Centerpin Float Rod Ice in Recoil Guides AAA

Apply a thin layer of Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste to your line and guides for reduced freezing and ice build-up during cold weather outings.

Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste works best down to 20 degrees.

Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste is safe for all types of fishing line, including monofilaments and fly lines.

Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste works on fly, spinning, and casting style guides.

Grand River Opener 2015 Ice on Guides BB

Has this ever happened to you?

Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste is safe for your skin and the environment and comes packaged in a 1 oz. resealable container.

Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste is made in the U.S.A.

Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste looks like lip balm!


… You know its cold when …

Although there is no 100% ice inhibitor, Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste, when applied correctly, will prolong ice formation on your guides for about an hour, based entirely on the severity of outside temperature.

You will be best served applying Loon – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste the NIGHT BEFORE you fish – It will fill the imperfections of your guides and other areas to which it is applied, helping to prevent the adhesion of water and then.

As you apply in a warm environment, it will turn to a liquid form with the warmth of your finger tips.

Smear it onto the rings of your guides as well as your shot pattern, float and well above into our reel.

This is truly a must have product for those wishing to steelhead during those frigid winter temperatures.

Please Contact Us for availability of Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste and it’s instructions.

Loon Outdoors Stanleys Ice Off Paste BB

Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste Assortment.


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