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World Famous Sales of Canada has been in business for over 50 years producing quality outdoor products that Canadians have come to know and trust. We pride ourselves on making products that promote the exploration of this great country and planet. Products that bring families together, forge friendships between strangers, and help us better understand ourselves as we take on new challenges. Products that help us get away and remember the things that are most important to us.

World Famous Sales of Canada sells directly to wholesalers, retailers and other businesses only. We are always available to help any and all customers, whether you are looking for a retailer in your region, have a technical product question, require warranty information or a hard to find part for one of our products, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

World Famous Sales of Canada is a family business, founded by Al Mucher in 1953. Al came to Canada as a Greek refugee, having survived Auschwitz he came with his only surviving brother and with one goal, to replant his roots and grow a family. Canada is a fertile and welcoming country, sure, she can get cold eh, but the people here have warm hearts, and that’s a warmth no winter can freeze.

Camping, hunting, fishing and the outdoors, are deeply rooted in Canadian history. Despite this, in the early 1960′s the outdoor sporting goods industry had yet to fully develop. During the “early days” the majority of outdoor enthusiasts used army surplus products to brave the elements. Al’s youth had taught him an understanding of army issued products and he developed a keen eye for quality and a sharpmind for business. Through the Canadian way of hard work, determination, a commitment to his customers, and integrity, Al built the business from the ground up. He developed a name for himself, Al the Greek, a name that carried with it a good reputation and it was from this that World Famous Sales of Canada was born. As the years passed, outdoor adventure sports became more popular and the product line grew.

Al’s two sons joined him in the business, and were integral to World Famous Sales of Canada’s ongoing success and development; adding more technical and specific product lines, like Tents, Air Mattresses and the Misty Mountain clothing line and Rockwater Designs technical product line.

To Al, World Famous Sales of Canada is more than a business, it’s a family. Now, well into his 80′s, Al is still the first to arrive each day and the last to leave! To Al, it’s about making sure that his family is there to help other families, to give back to a country that gave him the family and home he was robbed of.

Throughout the years, we have been overjoyed and proud to be there for your family. Few things bring a smile to our faces likes being a part of the moments that make your everlasting family memories. From smiling nights singing and basking around the warmth of family, friends and the campfire, to your little one’s first portage. From that first night at sleepover camp, to backyard basecamps, weekend warrior grunts and weeklong expeditions, to relaxing cottage retreats. For all your travels and adventures, if you’re exploring this beautiful and free country, that we proudly claim as OUR HOME, we thank you for taking us along for your adventure.

Although we cannot inventory Misty’s comprehensive line-up, please visit their website here, and the cantact us here for current inventory.