Peak Fly Tying Vises

Peak Fly Tying Vises

We have a huge selection of vises in the store at any given time.

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What we do:

Our goal at PEAK Fishing is to provide you with premium quality, well designed, durable, tools at reasonable prices, enabling you
to maximize your fishing and fly tying enjoyment.

Who we are:

PEAK Fishing is a division of PEAK Engineering and Automation.  PEAK E&A opened for business in 1994 and moved to our
current location in Loveland, CO in 1997.  The business originated as a custom engineering and manufacturing company and has
always been centered on strong engineering and quality manufacturing principles.  Today the PEAK E&A umbrella encompasses
turn-key custom equipment, engineering services, fabrication services including CNC milling, CNC lathe work, sheet metal, welding
and powder coating, contract assembly work, the PEAK Fishing line of fly tying equipment and the PEAK Outdoors brand bamboo
rod planing forms and tools.  PEAK is proud to provide all our engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing services from our
location in Loveland, CO USA.

PEAK Fishing shipped our first rotary vise in 2001.  PEAK E&A owners, Al Schultz and Kurt Pflock, felt it would be possible to
provide a premium quality, well engineered, rotary fly tying vise manufactured from quality materials at a much lower price than
what was then available.  Drawing on input from a very talented pool of local Colorado fly tiers, and their own engineering,
fabrication, and manufacturing expertise, PEAK turned out their durable, functional, and affordable Rotary Fly Tying Vise.  Every
detail of this vise is thoroughly thought out and designed to make your fly tying enjoyable and productive.  Adjustments are simple
and easily accomplished.  Materials are chosen for strength, durability, and smooth operation.  All This is accomplished at a price
well below the competition and backed by PEAK’s lifetime warranty.  Since that first vise, PEAK has introduced a line up of vises,
vise packages, tying kits, tying tools, accessories, and bamboo rod making equipment.  All developed with PEAK Fishing’s guiding
principles of premium quality products, engineered for functionality and durability, offered at affordable prices.