Zephyr EZ Rotary Vise

Zephyr Fly Tying Vises

In the under $100 category this vide must be considered for both best value and overall features.

While it’s hard to be a $50 – $100 dollar vise that does everything you ask, as a tyre, we want a little more in the area of life expectancy and “quality feel” out of a vise.

These vises are strictly threshold tools that would give the user a taste of what it’s like to tie flies.

The serious vises cost a tad more, but the value there is evident.

That’s why the Zephyr EZ Rotary vise is a winner for best value.

For such an inexpensive vise it’s got quite a good feature set – You get a decent c-clamp along with the full rotary functionality.

Zephyr EZ Rotary Vise

Zephyr EZ Rotary Vise.