Sci Anglers Spey Skagit Extreme Head

Scientific Anglers Spey Skagit Extreme Head

Scientific Anglers Spey Skagit Extreme Head – 50% OFF

LESS 50% – You Save $34 after Taxes!

$79.99 – NOW $39.99 + Taxes

(400gr. X 4pcs 2pcs / 440gr. X 4pcs 2pcs / 480gr. X 4pcs 2pcs / 520gr. X 4pcs 2pcs SOLD OUT! / 560gr. X 3pcs 2pcs / 600gr. X 4pcs 2pcs / 640gr. X 4pcs 3pcs 2pcs 1pcs)

Sci Anglers Spey Skagit Extreme Head Multi-Tip

Sci Anglers Spey Skagit Extreme Head Multi-Tip

  • Versatile Short Head Design;
  • Extremely short and powerful taper for casting heavy sink tips;
  • Fast loading front taper designed for maximum flight time;
  • Lower grain weights design for switch rods and shorter two hand rods;
  • Upper grain weights designed for two hand rods;
  • Braided multifilament core.

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