Assorted Scientific Anglers Amplititude Fly Lines AA

Assorted Scientific Anglers Amplititude Fly Lines.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Fly Lines:

When we see room for improvement, we jump at the chance. In this case, we wanted to make our lines even slicker and more durable. Which brings us to AMPLITUDE.

The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market.


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In addition to Amplitude Smooth we are extremely excited to announce all of the NEW product for 2019 from Scientific Anglers.


NEW Amplitude Tropical Titan:
With the unrivaled success of the Amplitude Textured fly lines this new addition is perfect for big flies in hot places. Like all Amplitude lines the Tropical Titan includes our patented AST Plus Slickness additive to increase durability and slickness. Featuring Floating Texture on the tip and Shooting Texture on the running line, the Titan Long will float higher and shoot farther thanks to the reduction in friction. As with all Titan tapers the Amplitude Tropical Titan has a powerful head that loads quickly and delivers large flies to distant targets; ideal for tarpon, permit, snook and redfish as well as GTs, bonefish and sea trout.
NEW Sonar Titan Sink Tip:
Two lines sizes heavy for loading quickly and delivering the biggest flies to the furthest target the Titan Sink Tip in the ultimate for casting large streamers that need to get down. The short, powerful head provides excellent turnover tossing streamers to trout, smallmouth, bass, pike, steelhead and salmon. Available in two densities, sink 3 and sink 6, you can be sure to put your fly where the fish hold in the water column. 
NEW Sonar Titan Jungle Clear Tip:
The Titan Jungle Clear Tip has an excellent ability to turnover large flies due to the short, powerful head. Overweighted by two line sizes for loading quickly the Titan Jungle Clear Tip can deliver the largest sized flies to distant targets. With a 15’ clear intermediate tip for stealthy presentations this line gives the angler the advantage in difficult clear water. The Titan Jungle Clear Tip was designed to effortlessly cast in the demanding jungle environments that hold peacock bass and golden dorado. The slow sink weight will get the fly just below the water’s surface. With Tropi-Core technology the line will remain stiff in the harshest of environments. 
NEW Sonar Jungle Custom Tip:
With a cut-to-fit design the Jungle Custom Tip allows you to cut the tip to the ideal weight for whichever species you’re chasing. The custom sinking line is excellent for peacock bass and dorado in harsh jungle environments. This line goes deep and stays deep with an intermediate running line and fast-sinking head. The Tropi-Core technology remains stiff and slick in the tropical environment. Comes with braided add-on loop.
NEW Mastery Bass Bug:
Due to popular demand the Bass Bug is back! Designed for largemouth and smallmouth bass the Bass Bug is ideal for throwing large, air-resistant dry flies and streamers in rivers, lakes and ponds. Overweighed by two line sizes to assist in loading rods and turning over heavy rigs the angler has the advantage. The Bass Bug provides an extended rear taper for line control and mending ability. Featuring a specialized warm-weather coating the line excels in high temperatures where the bass like to live. 
NEW Mastery Jungle Titan:
The Jungle Titan is designed for throwing big dries and streamers to jungle fish such as peacock bass and golden dorado. The powerful head loads quickly and delivers large flies to distant targets. This line will turn over the largest flies imaginable. Built two sizes heavy for the Jungle line is ready for throwing big flies deep in the jungle. With Tropi-Core technology this line will remain slick and stiff in the tropical environments.
NEW Spey Lite Integrated and Head only Skagit Intermediate:
Expanding on the ever popular Spey Lite Skagit the Spey Lite Skagit Intermediate has an ultra-short head for turning over heavy tips and large, weighted flies with light two-handed rods. The short head length works well for casting with limited room behind you. Intermediate sinking head will help anchor your swing and get wet flies just below the waters service for those spooky fish. Also works great with single-handed rods.
NEW Spey Lite Scandi Head:
For ultimate versatility the Spey Lite Scandi is not available as a head. Now switching between skagit and skandi on light two-handed rods is easier than ever. The short head is ideal for quick cast and line control. The Scandi Head is excellent for swinging soft hackles, light streamers, and can be used as a dry-fly line with long leaders. With a longer front taper for lighter, softer presentations the scandi will be a necessity for those finicky fish. Designed for use with a shooting line on a shorter two-handed rod or single-handed rod the Spey Lite Scandi Head is a must have. 
NEW Leaders:
To provide the best assortment for an anglers needs our Freshwater, Saltwater, Bass and Anadromous Leaders have added 20lb leaders in 9’ and 12’ options. All are available in double-leader packs. In addition, Freshwater and Fluorocarbon leaders are now all available in single-leader packs. 
NEW Figure 8:
Newly designed the Figure 8 leader now includes nickel titanium 1/7 wire that is ultra-kink-resistant and 100% corrosion proof. 
NEW Niti Wire:
To build your own predator leaders we now offer our new Nickel Titanium 1×7 wire in a 10’ pack. The new Niti Wire is stronger and more durable than pure titanium and 100% corrosion proof. Easily knottable and excellent king resistance the Niti Wire will hold up against fish with sharp teeth and strong jaws. 
NEW Stay Lok: Size #2 and #3
Simply put, the most reliable fly snaps, period. Unique design ensures these will not open when casting large pike and muskie flies or when fighting toothy fish. Made from extremely strong .24” and .30” stainless steel with a black finish. 6 per package. 
NEW Rod Sleeve:
Eliminate the tangle of rigged rods using the new Rod Sleeves. The custom colored Rod Sleeves are a unique braided construction perfect for storing fully rigged rods or rods broken in half. The sleeves are available in two sizes; full and half. Try one and you’ll want many. 
NEW Rinse-Free Fly Line Cleaner:
Get the ultimate performance out of your line using the Scientific Anglers rinse-free fly-line cleaner. 
Scientific Anglers XTS Gel Spun Fly Line Backing.

Scientific Anglers XTS Gel Spun Fly Line Backing.

NEW XTS Gel Spun Backing:

Blue 100lb in 500 and 3000-yard spools.
The micro-diameter gel-spun polyethylene allows up to 75% more capacity than standard material. 
The XTS Gel Spun Backing retains 100% of strength while wet and is extremely abrasion resistant, highly visible and impervious to UV rays, gas, salt and other elements. 
Scientific Anglers XTS Gel Spun Fly Line Backing.

Scientific Anglers XTS Gel Spun Fly Line Backing.

NEW Specialty Coloured Dacron Backing:

Our extremely popular Specialty Colored Dacron Backing expands with a new color, Rasta.
In addition, all colors are now available in 100, 250, 500 and 5000-yard spools.
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Orvis Presentation Fly Reel - EXR III - Made in Argentina - C/W A RIO Sinking Fly Line - GREAT SHAPE - $150
House of Hardy - Gem Series Fly Reel - Size 5/6 - C/W A Scientific Anglers WF5F Fly Line - GREAT SHAPE! - $150
Sage Graphite III - GFL 690 RPL - Custom Built Fly Rod - 2Pc - C/W Tube - $160
Orvis - Western Series - 2 Pc - 8 1/2’ - 2 Wt Fly Rod - GREAT SHAPE! - $135
Hardy Angel 2 - 11/12 Spey Reel - C/W Pouch & Box - MINT CONDITION! - $395
G. Loomis Centerpin Float Rod - STR1562-2 Light - 2 Piece - GOOD SHAPE! - $400
Snowbee XSD Precision - 11/12 - Fly Reel System - GOOD SHAPE! - $50
Okuma Sierra S5/6 Fly Reel - $25
Okuma Sierra S4/5 Fly Reel - $25
Sage Double Handed Spey Rod 9141-4 4Pc 9 Wt Graphite IV Fly Rod c/w Sock and Tube - LIKE NEW! - $575
Umpqua Cooler Gater Z3 Organizer - BRAND NEW IN BOX! - $60
Sage Approach 9' 5wt 4Pc Fly Rod- 590-4 - GOOD SHAPE! - $200
Maxcatch Avid Fly Reel 5/6 - LIKE NEW! - $45
Bamboo Cane Rod Fly Rod - Built by Owner From Genuine Tonkin Cane in 1975 - 2Pc - 6 1/2’ - 4Wt - C/W Sock & Aluminum Tube - BEAUTIFUL CONDITION! - $300
Collectors Edition - Pezon and Michel - 2Pc - 6’ - Bamboo Spinning Rod - From 1952 - Made in France - "Sporting Model BB2” - Removed from Sock twice - FANTASTIC CONDITION! - $475
Winchester Deluxe 4 Piece Presentation Multi Tool Set - BRAND NEW - $50
Scientific Anglers Scandi Extreme Head - 600 Gr. -39’ - NEW IN BOX! - $25
Freestone America Vest - Adjustable Size - LIKE NEW! - $30
Sage Spey Rod - 9140-4 Graphite III 4pc - GREAT SHAPE!
Snowbee Prestige - 9’ - 6Wt - 4Pc - Fly Rod - BRAND NEW! - $200
Fishpond Steelhead Vest - Size XL - GREAT SHAPE! - $30
Fishpond Steelhead Vest One Size - GREAT SHAPE! - $50
Patagonia Mesh Fishing Vest - XL - LIKE NEW! - $25
Chota Felt Wading Boots - Size 6 - GREAT SHAPE! - $25
March Brown Stripping Basket - $20
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