Drennan Tapered Leaders and Tippets

Drennan Tippet Material

Our store boasts the largest selection of mono and fluorocarbon in Southwestern Ontario.

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Drennan Company History:

The Drennan tackle company was founded in 1967 when its current Managing Director, Peter Drennan, began producing a small range of Balsawood floats in his mother’s garage. Having served his angling apprenticeship with some of the finest anglers of that era; Dick Walker, Peter Stone, the Taylor Brothers and England’s first World Champion, Bill Lane, the young Peter Drennan was already recognised as something of a tackle expert. With the ability to design superior floats and the craft skill to make them, the original one man business expanded steadily from those humble garage beginnings.

Drennan International now offers more than 2500 individual products, employs over 350 people and supplies over 2000 tackle shops direct from its headquarters in England. Those shops are spread across the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond this area Drennan tackle has distributors in most other European countries.

All research and tackle development remains in the UK together with some of the more complex high-tech production, however the company now has six purpose built factories outside of Europe in an economically competitive location. This low cost location allows the company to offer the bulk of its range of tackle at prices which are comparable with Chinese manufacture but which are of superior design and have a much higher quality of build.

Drennan International is very strong on the engineering side, from Computer Aided Design (CAD), through toolmaking, high-tech plastics processing to building its own special purpose production machinery. On all aspects of product design, manufacture, packaging, quality control and customer service, the company has expert anglers in key positions.

The criteria for Drennan is always that the product must be good value for money, trouble free and must help catch fish.