Olive Body Quill Nymph

Hook: Hanak 200BL #14-18

Thread: 12/0 White or Cream

Tail: Coq De Leon

Body: Hends Body Quill Olive

Wing Bud: Pearl UV Ice Dub

Thorax1: Olive CDC Dubbing

Thorax2: Olive Dubbing

Bead: Tungsten Copper or Gold


This  particular pattern is deadly when mayflies are in the water and about to hatch.  I usually tie this pattern up in sizes to to match BWOs #16 or 18.

Hends body quill comes in all different colors and you can tie this pattern to match any mayfly nymph.

I also tie this pattern in a brown and even black.

A note about Coq De leon for the tail…yes it is expensive but a little goes a long way.  Also stiff fibre tails actually help your nymphs appear more natural in the water as the fibres act as a rudder.