Dr. Ian Martin - Wookie Fur Shrimp

Hook: Single salmon, or tube, or stainless for saltwater

Thread: Uni 6/0 red

Tail: Wookie fur with most underfur left in, plus 4 strands orange Krystal Flash, with narrow grizzly saddle hackles tied on each side.

Rib: 2x fluorocarbon tippet

Hackle: Orange Whiting Spey hackle palmered over body

Body: Wookie fur with some underfur removed, spun in dubbing loop.  Use removed underfur to finish dubbing forward third of shank, to give tapered body

Shellback: ProSportfisher ProShrimpShell 3D, to suit hook.  Bind to top of fly with fluorocarbon ribbing.


“Wookie Fur is a new synthetic winging and dubbing fur with a natural look.  The barring perfectly imitates shrimp and baitfish, and the fur has an appealing glossy sparkle like seal’s fur dubbing. ”