CDC Single Plume Quill Body

Hook: Hanak H130BL #14-20

Thread: 12/0 pale yellow

Tail: Coq de Leon; 2-3 fibres

Body: Stripped Peackcock quill; Natural

Thorax: Hares Ear

Wing: Dun CDC


This is a simple European pattern fly that catches lots of fish .  It is a generic pattern and I find it works most of the time as long as I get the size right and my presentation is good.

Some tips:

  • For thread pick a neutral color as it may show under your quill wraps
  • Before wrapping your quill put a layer of glue on your thread base; you can also put a coat on after for extra durability
  • CDC…not all CDC is equal…do not cheap out..get a good quality CDC like Trout hunter…also avoid dyed CDC for dry flies.