Hook: Czech nymph or Pupa hook #12 0r #14; Hanak or Dohiku

Thread: 12/0 Pale Yellow

Body: Catgut Medium or small; comes in a variety of colors; Caddis Green on this fly

Thorax 1: Blend of black hares ear and black peacock dubbing; brush out.

Thorax 2: Small collar of black peacock dubbing

Bead: Tungsten Black – sized for hook


When tying with catgut soak in warm water for 3-4 minutes.

Wrap with touching turns as it will dry out and gaps will appear after.

But once the fly goes back in the water the effect is awesome.

  • Catgut caddis pupa - olive

  • Catgut caddis pupa - olive wet

  • Catgut caddis pupa - caddis green

  • Catgut caddis pupa - caddis green - wet