ARM Grasshopper

Hook: Tiemco 200R #8 or Kamasan B220 #8

Thread: uni-Thread 6/0 135Denier

Wing: Raffia or Swiss Straw

Abdomen: TFC Soft-Textured Closed-Cell Foam (Dollar store foam is too stiff)

Thorax: TFC Soft-Textured Closed-Cell Foam

Head: TFC Soft-Textured Closed-Cell Foam

Legs: TNT Hopper Legs and Wapsi Perfectly Barred Sili Legs

Glue: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish


A realistic grasshopper designed by Alec Medemblik. This fly is worth the time and patience to tie; it works exceptionally well in the late summer on the Grand and Conostogo rivers.