Saltwater Crab Fly Fishing Flies Assortment.

If you cast it… they will come !!


Lady Caroline – Tied on a Waddington Shank.

“The more you fish, the more you must have multiple skills of persuasion …”

We carry a special selection of Fly Fishing Flies proven to catch fish on the Grand River, Credit River and Conestogo River.

Empty Fly Box

We also carry a full range of Fly Fishing Flies from Saltwater to Steelhead Dry Flies…Anything can be custom tied for your personal needs.

Please contact us here for details.

Dr. Ian Martin - WookieFur-Pro Shrimp

Dr. Ian Martin – WookieFur-Pro Shrimp

Atlantic Salmon Fly Waiting to be Fished ...

Atlantic Salmon Fly Waiting to be Fished …

Saltwater Bonefish Flies

Saltwater Bonefish Flies.

Articulated Minnow

Articulated Minnow.

Sample of Bass Pike and Musky Flies

Fly Fishing Flies – Bass, Pike ,and Musky Flies..

Oak Fly Cabinet

Oak Fly Cabinet – Fly Fishing Flies.

Acrylic Fly Display Fully Loaded

Acrylic Fly Display Fully Loaded!








Cut Shank Hook Hobo Speys Resized for Web

Fly Fishing Flies – Cut Shank Hook for Hobo Speys.


Fly Fishing Flies – Custom Pike, Musky & Bass Flies.

Josh Sault Saint Marie Northern Pike on the fly rod BBB

Northern Pike on the Fly Rod.

Ethan Smallmouth Bass Upper Grand River EEE

Popper Smallmouth Bass from the Upper Grand River.

Custom fly tying available.

Contact us!


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