Huw Llewellyn

Huw Bonefish Flies

Huw Llewellyn has been fly fishing and tying for 55 years and has travelled extensively from Alaska to Costa Rica and from Newfoundland to the Bahamas.

Huw Started with Trout but has primarily pursued salt water species over the last 15 years.

“Sightfishing for Salt Water fish is an addiction” Huw states.

Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish are his primary targets but he will throw his fly at anything that will eat it!

Huw monster bonefish

Huw – Monster Bahamian Bonefish.

Huw also travels annually to Chile (at the Puma Lodge) fly fishing for world class Browns and Rainbows.

Whether he’s stealthily stalking bonefish in the Bahamas, big browns or Rainbows in Chile, or weary Carp locally, he is willing to share his knowledge and fly fishing techniques generously.

Puma Lodge Chile Chinook King Salmon

Puma Lodge, Chile – Chinook / King Salmon on the Spey Rod.