St. Croix Fly Rods

St. Croix Fly Rods

As there are so many competing brands at each price point, it is very difficult to inventory each company’s entire line-up of Fly Fishing Rods.

We order from each Manufacturer / Distributor weekly and will be happy to order you anything you wish.

Occasionally you find yourself forced into a social situation that involves making conversation. With politics and religion off the table, you have two choices: You can be the dweeb that talks about work, or you can talk about fishing. Unfortunately, the popularity that comes with tales of musky hunting and bass thumping means you need a pretty extensive catalog of material. There’s only one way to get that, and thankfully, it involves having a rod in your hand…

Some of us have been fly fishing for decades. Some may be just getting started. But we are all bound by the same thing – the overwhelming surge of emotion that happens right at the moment we realize a fish has taken our fly. Anyone who thinks this gets old or that after some time those moments blend together and become indistinguishable – they probably don’t do enough fishing to know…

Design &

IPC®, ART™, TET, FRS and the many other design and manufacturing technologies and protocols that go into building the most advanced fishing rods on earth didn’t come about by accident – or by trial and error. We are always pushing the outer limits of new manufacturing technologies. We use the latest in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology to turn our own aluminum and plastic trim pieces, wind checks, shims and other rod components. This allows us to tightly control the precision and quality of every part while increasing efficiency in our work flow. It’s about as high-tech as you can get – and produces a better, more consistent product, every time.

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