Sorin Comsa BIO

Sorin Comsa – BIO

I am a software quality engineer for a major bank (that’s where the money are…right?!).

I have been fishing for over 40 years and fly-fishing in competitions for about 30.

Over the years I have fished for perch, pike, walleye, carp, bass, rainbow trout, brook/speckled trout, brown trout, marble trout, whitefish, European grayling, bonefish and tarpon.

I competed at:

World Fly-fishing Championships:

1992 – Italy;

2004 – Slovakia;

2005 – Sweden;

2010 – Poland;

2011 – Italy;

2014 – Czech Republic and competed.

Commonwealth Championships:

2009 – Islay, Scotland;

2016 – Mont Tremblant, Canada (Individual Silver);

2018 – Ireland.

I have also won several team and individual National level medals.