Larry Halyk Bio Picture.

Larry Halyk

In April after a career spanning over 30 years as a Biologist and Stewardship Coordinator, Larry will finally be retiring from the Ministry of Natural Resources.  This will obviously give him more time to spey cast for his beloved steelhead on the Great Lakes and in B.C,  but it will also allow him to devote more time to give back to the waters he loves, whether it be brook trout in tiny Marden Creek near Guelph, or steelhead on the mighty Grand River.  Larry is not the best spey caster, or the best flier tier, or even the best BS artist on the Ontario steelheading scene, but he reads water and knows steelhead behaviour as well as anyone, and always gets his share of pulls, even when swinging behind the experts.

Larry Halyk on The Bulkley River in British Columbia.

Larry Halyk on the Bulkley River in British Columbia.