Drift- The Movie DVD

Drift – The Movie DVD

Photographed entirely on 16mm & 35mm film, the breathtaking imagery of DRIFT will be captivating with incredibly vivid color, contrast and depth, qualities that are only available in the film format. DRIFT will look and feel lush and beautiful, each segment highlighted with hypnotic, slow motion images of casting, moving water, and underwater action. Deep, soulful interviews with select “legends of the sport” and others who have shaped the sport, will resonate with a musical score that features the sounds of Jack Johnson’s Brushfire recording artists. This deep rooted passion for the sport will be conveyed by these devoted (and sometimes eclectic) characters that have immersed themselves in the sport and the lifestyle of fly fishing. The fact that each segment tells a completely unique story and focuses on different characters and anglers is one of the many things that sets this project apart from other film and video releases of recent years.