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Dr. Drop Lead Free Sinkers by Clearly Outdoors

Made in USA.

Clearly Outdoors

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Use a better performing sinker that is also better for the environment.

Dr. Drop Sinkers are non-toxic, lead free, and environmentally safe. Dr. Drop Sinkers also out-perform other sinkers because you can:

• Sink your line faster with a tungsten sinker
because it is heavier than lead.
• Attach and remove sinkers without biting,
using pliers, or cutting the line.
• Add additional sinkers anywhere on your
line or slide the sinkers to a new depth
without damaging the line.

“We strive to provide you with not only better products, but also products that Clearly protect our Outdoors. Dr. Drop Sinkers are Clearly Outdoors.”

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Navionics Marine & Lakes Charts

Catch-A-Hatch Fly Tying Materials

Catch-A-Hatch Aquatic Insect Seine

Designed especially for the avid fly fisher.

This compact, long reach collection net is great for matching the hatch.dry nylon net. It springs open to form a 5″ x 7″ net,  with 36″ telescoping handle.(case included)

Please contact us for further details and availability.

Thill Strike Indicators

Thill Strike Indicators

If and when a fish does strike the fly, anglers usually cannot feel the take and end up losing the chance to hook the fish. To help fly anglers, many varieties of strike indicators have been created specifically for this reason and are available on the market today. These indicators come in many different styles that range from colorful putties, soft yarns, to foam press and stick discs. Each different type of indicator is not able to successfully fish all the varying types of water you will encounter along a stream, so knowing what works best and when will increase your odds of hooking and landing a lake run beauty.

The diversity of strike indicators available today is overwhelming to even the most experienced fly angler. For the most part five main types of indicators exist, and all of them work pretty well in the water conditions they were created for. The one you choose to use should be based on personal preference and the type of water you plan on fishing most.

Foam Indicators

Foam indicators over the last few years probably have been the most popular among fly anglers because of their durability, ease of sight, and simplicity of adjustment. Due to the buoyancy of the materials used in construction of cork or foam indicators, these indicators are the best for deep, fast water because they seem almost impossible to drown. These types of indicators slide onto the leader meaning you have to have the indicator in place before you attach your flies. Some of these indicators use a toothpick or small wedge of plastic jammed into the opening to hold things in place.

One disadvantage of this type of system is that the toothpick can cause tangles by catching the line when casting. Some of the newer models of foam indicators now incorporate different methods for attaching the indicators to the leader and for holding them in place, meaning no more cutting of the leader to attach indicators and less chance of fouling while casting. Another disadvantage of these foam indicators is that they can be hard to cast accurately and quietly due to wind resistance and their weight.

Pinch-on foam indicators have become popular in the last few years because of their small size and ease of use. These indicators are great for small stream fishing where long powerful casts are not being used to present flies — these types of casts usually peel these indicators from your leader. These indicators do not ride as high in the water column as other foam or cork indicators so using them in smaller waters with less current is ideal. Additionally the small size rarely spooks fish and can be presented very quietly.

One of the major disadvantages of this type of indicator system is that over time fish can become familiar with the indicators and spook as the indicator drifts overhead. Whether it be the bright color, or the shadow cast to fish by the high-floating indicator when fish start acting weary around your indicators changing things up and sizing down is the only way to go.

Yarn Indicators

Yarn indicators are simple tools for the avid angler, being composed of synthetic yarns or wool yarns. These are treated with a waterproofing agent that will allow the indicator to ride on the waters surface for hours on end. For most yarn indicators attachment comes by looping the leader material around the float in a slip knot type fashion. This type of attachment is great for quick readjustments needed in a day’s fishing. With the creation of Glo-Bug yarn or synthetic yarn — having a very visible indicator system is possible.

The big advantage of yarn indicators is that due to the special soft nature of the fibers in yarns, detecting very light strikes fish is easy. The yarn’s softness serves another purpose in making indicators less invasive and disturbing to weary trout. Use bright colors when fishing bigger waters with less finicky fish and subtle whites or blacks on small clear waters with spooky fish.

One downfall of this type of indicator system is that yarn is more wind-resistant than most foam indicators this makes it hard to present small flies accurately. Probably the biggest disadvantage of this type of indicator is that with larger flies or very fast currents the indicators can become pulled below the water’s surface making it hard to follow. In these instances switching to a different type of indicator system will make life easier.

Putty Indicators

Putty indicators are relatively new to the fly fishing community, and come in a wide variety of fluorescent colors that will catch your eye from across the room. This putty can be molded by your fingers to any point on the leader section and in any size necessary.

The advantages to this putty are that in does come in very bright colors making it easy to see, even at night with glow in the dark putty. Also this product can be removed from the line and reused at a later date. Since indicator putty can be applied in any size you can make tiny indictors that are necessary for fishing spooky fish. The disadvantages to using this putty is that compared to all other brands of indicators it is quite expensive. Also this putty does not hold to the leader very well so if you plan on long casts or rough conditions the likelihood of the putty holding to the leader is small.

Fly-line Indicators

Fly-line indicators are probably the oldest type of indicator on the market, have been available as early as the 70s. Scientific Anglers was the first company to make these types of indicators and they became especially useful for anglers who loved to nymph with small flies in shallow waters. These fly-line indicators are still available, but maybe a little hard to find. Attachment of these indicators is done by glue or by tying a double overhand knot in the leader butt. By sliding in these sections of line you can make an indicator system that works in a wide range of water depths.

By tying one fly line indicator at the butt section and two more along the leader section in even intervals this set up can help fly anglers track small nymphs, emergers easily. One of the major advantages of these indicators is that fish for the most part do not take notice to these types of indicators. Also these indicators do not effect presentation or casting of flies. The disadvantages of this type of indicator system come from the fact that at times in fast water or low light conditions it can be very hard to follow and you may miss strikes from fish. Since this indicator system is not always above surface anglers need to adjust and get used to watching an indicator beneath the surface.


Cinch Tie Fly Tying Tool Image

Cinch Tie Knot Tyer

The Cinch Tie knot tyer is must have tool for every fisherman. Take the hassle out of tying complicated fishing knots and turn out perfect knots again and again. The machined brass and stainless steel construction of the Cinch Tie ensure this tool will last a lifetime in all fishing conditions, both freshwater and saltwater. Made in the USA.

The Cinch Tie Knot Tyer will tie the follow knots with ease:
* Rapala Knot
* Clinch Knot
* Nail Knot
* Trilene Knot
* Double Clinch Knot
* Grip Knot
* Hook Snell

Unibobbers Strike Indicators

Unibobbers Strike Indicators

Fly Tying Unibobbers are sure to keep your fly floating. We have used them as parachute posts with great success. Imagine the “hangdown” patterns, “cripples”, emergers one could create. The entire fly hanging subsurface but your able to fish the Unibobber as a dry, dead drift. The possibilities of this product are endless.

A very unique idea and product to help float your flies and also to see them from afar.

Tyers, guides, and big fish love them

Work great as a micro Thingamabobber for delicate fishing on spring creeks

1/4″ in diameter and tie in securely to become one with your fly.

Sabre Wild – Bear & Dog Attack Spray / Deterrent

Bear Sprays & Dog Sprays

Enjoy the great outdoors – without fearing it…

Whether it’s a wild bear or a stray dog, you should be prepared with a non-lethal means of self-defense. And when time isn’t on your side, you should have instant access to that means of self-defense. Bear and dog sprays from SABRE are designed to be at the ready to help you, your loved ones and your pets escape if confronted by a dangerous threat.

Sabre Wild bear-header_0

Sabre Wild – Bear Spray / Deterrent.

Sabre Wild dog-sprays

Sabre Wild – Dog Spray / Deterrent.

See here for Sabre’s product line-up and then contact us for details.

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Orvis Fly Fishing

Fishpond – Packs, Fishing Vests, Bags, Luggage, Landing Nets & Accessories

Allen Flyfishing SiteHeaderLogo_Dec2013

Allen Fly Fishing

We inventory a wide selection of Jackets, Waders, Boots, and Packs.

Contact the shop for details and to discuss sizing and availability or visit the Allen website here.

About Allen Fly Fishing:

Allen Fly Fishing was founded when the American economy was taking a turn for the worse. Our founder branched away from his family’s plastics molding company using his contacts and expertise to found a new business specializing in fly fishing reels and hooks.

After more than a year of unforeseen popularity and growth, Evan Burck, a life-long angling enthusiast, joined the team and brought a fresh set of ideas to the company. As with any new business experiencing exponential growth and success, Allen has faced and overcome numerous trials and growing pains. The result is a company that truly values its customers, its products, and the experiences that we all enjoy on and off the water.

Our company and products have grown, changed, and improved along our journey. It is our goal to continue this success in all aspects of our business. Our company philosophy is not to offer the cheapest products on the market, or to use cliché “High Performance at a Good Price” slogans, but to offer unbeatable value. Value in our products, value in your experience, and value in our approachability is what makes us Allen Fly Fishing.

We never want to lose touch with our customers, and strive to always be available and eager to talk, or answer questions. Our customers are part of our journey and the foundation of our future.

Thank you for making us a part of your fishing experience.

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Misty Mountain – World Famous Sales

World Famous Logo

World Famous Sales – Misty Mountain.


World Famous Sales of Canada has been in business for over 50 years producing quality outdoor products that Canadians have come to know and trust. We pride ourselves on making products that promote the exploration of this great country and planet. Products that bring families together, forge friendships between strangers, and help us better understand ourselves as we take on new challenges. Products that help us get away and remember the things that are most important to us.

World Famous Sales of Canada sells directly to wholesalers, retailers and other businesses only. We are always available to help any and all customers, whether you are looking for a retailer in your region, have a technical product question, require warranty information or a hard to find part for one of our products, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

World Famous Sales of Canada is a family business, founded by Al Mucher in 1953. Al came to Canada as a Greek refugee, having survived Auschwitz he came with his only surviving brother and with one goal, to replant his roots and grow a family. Canada is a fertile and welcoming country, sure, she can get cold eh, but the people here have warm hearts, and that’s a warmth no winter can freeze.

Camping, hunting, fishing and the outdoors, are deeply rooted in Canadian history. Despite this, in the early 1960′s the outdoor sporting goods industry had yet to fully develop. During the “early days” the majority of outdoor enthusiasts used army surplus products to brave the elements. Al’s youth had taught him an understanding of army issued products and he developed a keen eye for quality and a sharpmind for business. Through the Canadian way of hard work, determination, a commitment to his customers, and integrity, Al built the business from the ground up. He developed a name for himself, Al the Greek, a name that carried with it a good reputation and it was from this that World Famous Sales of Canada was born. As the years passed, outdoor adventure sports became more popular and the product line grew.

Al’s two sons joined him in the business, and were integral to World Famous Sales of Canada’s ongoing success and development; adding more technical and specific product lines, like Tents, Air Mattresses and the Misty Mountain clothing line and Rockwater Designs technical product line.

To Al, World Famous Sales of Canada is more than a business, it’s a family. Now, well into his 80′s, Al is still the first to arrive each day and the last to leave! To Al, it’s about making sure that his family is there to help other families, to give back to a country that gave him the family and home he was robbed of.

Throughout the years, we have been overjoyed and proud to be there for your family. Few things bring a smile to our faces likes being a part of the moments that make your everlasting family memories. From smiling nights singing and basking around the warmth of family, friends and the campfire, to your little one’s first portage. From that first night at sleepover camp, to backyard basecamps, weekend warrior grunts and weeklong expeditions, to relaxing cottage retreats. For all your travels and adventures, if you’re exploring this beautiful and free country, that we proudly claim as OUR HOME, we thank you for taking us along for your adventure.

Although we cannot inventory Misty’s comprehensive line-up, please visit their website here, and the cantact us here for current inventory.