Fishing Hat Hook Pin or Fishing Tie Clasp

Fishing Hat Hook Pin or Fishing Tie Clasp

Fishing Hat Hook Pin or Fishing Tie Clasp

Lee Wulff Wrist Lock A

Royal Wulff Wristlok

Innovative Safety Tools logo

Astroplast – Innovative Safety Tools – FISHING – ANGLER FIRST AID KIT

Plastic Floating Fish Lip Grabber

Plastic Floating Fish Lip Grabber

Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools XBC Series

Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tools XBC Series


The Fishing Butler – R Ideas – Fishing Rod Ties

Loon Stanleys Ice Off Paste A

Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste

Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste


Mosquito Shield™ – Kuus Inc. – PiACTIVE™

Raven Product Assortment Super soft Shot Camo Brown AA

RAVEN® Super Soft Shot – Camo Brown or Standard Raw Gray

Simms Next-Generation Guide Nipper - New for 2017

Simms Guide Nipper – Next-Generation – New for 2017

Simms Replacement Wading Staff Pouch and Retractor AA

Simms Replacement Neoprene Wading Staff Pouch and Retractor

Digital Scale Assortment A

Digital & Manual Fish Scales & Fish Grippers

Ross and Springbrook Fly Reel Line Tamer AA

Fly Reel Spool Tenders / Line Tamers / Line Management Tools

Grand River Hatch Chart

Local Hatch Charts – Nature’s Timing …


Fishing Rod Ties / Fishing Rod Holders


Magnetic Fishing Net Retractors


Worden’s Lil’ Corky

Worden’s Lil’ Corky adds colour and flotation to any drift rig. Fished alone or with bait, there is a perfect Lil’ Corky for any water or light condition. Now available in six different sizes and over 130 colours.

Yeti Coolers Image

Yeti Coolers

Engel Coolers Image

Engel Coolers


Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Neoprene Reel Pouches Float Centerpin Spinning AA

Neoprene Fishing Reel Pouches

Rodmounts Logo

Rodmounts Rod Holders – Rod Racks for Cars

See here for the Rodmounts website and then contact us for inventory or ordering details.

Rodmounts Sumo Suction Magnetic Resized for Web

Rodmounts – Sumo Suction or Magnetic.

Suction or Magnet?
There is no “better” system as both types have advantages and disadvantages. You should consider how you are going to use the SUMO to help in making a decision.


Magnets will only adhere to steel surfaces (check your hood and roof with a refrigerator magnet to find out).
Generally, magnets are easier and faster to use.
Magnets are less sensitive to temperature, dust and water on the car’s surface. Magnets will work in extremely cold temperatures; in fact they are impervious to temperatures.
Magnets require flat surfaces for optimum adhesion.


Suction mounts can adhere to any smooth and non-porous surface making them more versatile than magnets.
Suction mounts can adhere to slightly curved surfaces.
Suction mounts are more sensitive to cold temperatures and wet and dirty surfaces. Cold, wet and dirty surfaces can inhibit adhesion.
Suction mounts are not sensitive to hot temperatures. It takes a bit more time and effort to set-up suction mounts due to the need to activate the lever-lock mechanism to create suction (and we’re talking seconds here).
General Guidelines For Determining Which Mounting Method Is Best For You *

Are you a winter or fair-weather angler?
Does your car have a steel roof and hood?
Do you want to mount to the sunroof or windshield?
Do you intend to take your SUMO on airlines?
What type of fishing do you do? Are you driving from hole to hole or do you drive from home to your destination?
Suction mounts when properly used provide more holding power than magnets
RODMOUNTS has attempted to make SUMO the best rod carrier for outside of cars that does not require mounting to a roof rack. And short of drilling into your hood and roof and bolting something down, SUMO is a great way to transport your rods rigged and ready to fish in a quick and convenient way.

* RODMOUNTS does not make specific recommendations as to which method is best for your situation. Also, RODMOUNTS does not make maximum driving speed recommendations.¹ It is the user’s responsibility to determine which mounting method is best suited for them. Remember that magnet and suction mounts are interchangeable and are easy and quick to change allowing you to customize your SUMO for your specific situation.

¹ RODMOUNTS makes no speed recommendations or ratings due to factors outside of our control such as quantity and type of tackle being transported, driving style, road and weather conditions, condition of vehicle surfaces, improper use or maintenance.

OPST Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics Logo

OPST – Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

Mosquito Bug Jacket Fishing Logo

Mosquito Bug Jackets, Bug Pants, Bug Gloves and Bug Sprays

2015 Simms Wading Staff(s)

Strike Indicator_com

New Zealand Strike Indicator.Com Strike Indicator System


Strike Tool.

Strike Indicator_com Steps

Strike Steps.

Strike Indicator_com New Packaging

Strike New Packaging.

  • Won’t Damage your Leader – Significant savings
  • Totally Adjustable – Continually adjust the nymph depth
  • Knotless – Doesn’t weaken the line; Don’t lose that trophy
  • Pleasure to Cast – Light and natural; Casts like a dry fly
  • Won’t move – Unless you adjust it on the leader

See here for a video of “how to”…

See below for product options and then contact us for availability.

Strike Indicator_New Zealond Strike Indicator_com Wool

New Zealond Strike Indicator Wool Colour Options.

Air Lock Strike Indicator Logo

Air-Lock Strike Indicators

Clearly outdoors dr_drop_1_50_grip_lg

Dr. Drop Lead Free Sinkers by Clearly Outdoors

Made in USA.

Clearly Outdoors

Clearly Outdoors Logo.

Use a better performing sinker that is also better for the environment.

Dr. Drop Sinkers are non-toxic, lead free, and environmentally safe. Dr. Drop Sinkers also out-perform other sinkers because you can:

• Sink your line faster with a tungsten sinker
because it is heavier than lead.
• Attach and remove sinkers without biting,
using pliers, or cutting the line.
• Add additional sinkers anywhere on your
line or slide the sinkers to a new depth
without damaging the line.

“We strive to provide you with not only better products, but also products that Clearly protect our Outdoors. Dr. Drop Sinkers are Clearly Outdoors.”