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Becky Knifton

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Becky Knifton – Grand River Steelhead.

Becky Knifton

Becky began fishing at an early age with her grandfather and father.

Like most starting to fish it was using live bait, fishing for anything that would bite.

Becky had a lot of fun fishing in those days with numerous funny stories.

Although her grandfather didn’t find it all so funny – “no laughing or yelling – you’ll scare the fish!!”

A few years ago Becky took up the art of fly casting.

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Becky Knifton – Casting on the Grand River near Whiteman’s Creek.

With practice casting taking place on the beaches of Lake Erie, she became a very proficient single-handed caster.

Becky prefers the challenge of swinging a fly effectively versus other techniques for hooking fish.

She honed her skills while fly fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout and both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Steelheading was the next natural adventure so Becky began using a two-handed fly rod to chase down Ontario’s chrome beauties.

Never having fished for, or caught one of these, you can imagine her excitement when she landed her first ever steelhead her first season out!

In 2013, Becky shifted her focus to teaching and enlightening other women about fly fishing.

Becky Knifton Womens Beginner Two Handed Spey Casting Course Resized for Web

Becky Knifton – Women’s Beginner Two Handed Spey Casting Course.

She taught the first ever Women’s Beginner Two-Handed Spey Casting Course for the Grand River Spey Clave in the fall of 2013.

Becky emphasizes fly fishing is for everyone of all talents.

With many more events scheduled, you will be sure to see Becky out on the water with other ladies, and even her own daughter!

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