Hends Body Quill Perdigon Nymph

Hook: Jig Hook #14-18

Thread: Pale Yellow 12/0

Tail: Coq de Leon

Under Body: Thread; color top of thread with brown marker.

Body: Hends body quill – Brown;  Coat with UV resin

Thorax: UV body Quill; Violet; Color with black marker on top

Bead: Silver tungsten sized to hook.

  1. Tie in tail
  2. Use thread to build tapered body
  3. Color top of thread body with brown marker – Optional but will create a two tone effect.
  4. Wrap with hends body quill
  5. Tie in thorax
  6. Coat with UV resin
  7. Color top of bead and thorax with black marker
  8. Coat with UV resin