Hook: Ssalt water shrimp hook light gauge #6 or #8

Thread: Danville mono clear.

Wire: Senyo’s standard Intruder Trailer Hook Wire Grey.

Wing: EP fibers white.

Throat: Angel Hair pearlescent.

Eyes: 3D stick on size appropriate for hook.

Glues: Exo-Flex or Zap Goo + Crazy glue (body)


This fly was created after a frustrating day fishing Gar Pike and losing several.

Here is a YouTube link with Brian and the Gar Fly in action

My philosophy was to create a long streamer fly which appeared to be several smaller minnows.

I wanted to increase the chance of hooking up by doing two things: Adding 3 hooks in tandem.

Creating loops to get caught in the Gar’s teeth.

The fly worked well.

Cut a 4-5″ piece of  wire and align it on top of the rear hook so it hangs 1/4″ past the hook gape.

Lash  the wire against the top of the hook with the mono thread and bend the extra 1/4″ forward and lash it in as well.

Advance mono forward, whip finish.

Moving forward on the wire, lash on the middle hook with two layers of mono thread front-to-back and return to front. Whip finish.

Lash the forward hook in the same manner as the rear leaving 1/4″ of wire forward of the hook eye to be folded backward and lashed beneath.

Cover all thread wraps with crazy glue. Allow glue to dry before continuing.

Starting at the rearmost hook use a sparse amount of EP white fibers and tie atop the hook using moderate loops (as in the Crystal Meth or Sucker Spawn patterns)

Apply a throat of several fibers of Angel Hair or Flashabou the length of each hook.

Whip finish and repeat on each hook.

Using a bodkin or toothpick, apply a small amount of crazy glue to the head.

Once flies are dry use bodkin to apply a liberal amount of Exo-Flex or Zap-Goo on the shoulder on which to apply the 3d eyes.

Apply both eyes and hold eyes together with thumb and forefinger so as to align tightly against the top of the hook.

Repeat on all 3 hooks.

Tie the fly onto 3x or bigger tippet. Just add water.

This fly will catch most species as well as Gar and Smallmouth.