ARM Crane Fly

Hook: Hanak H130BL or Tiemco 103BL #14-#18

Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 70Denier

Underbody: Antron or Superfine dubbing

Body: Danville’s Acetate Floss  or Uni-Floss

Rib: Uni-Thread 6/0 135Denier

Thorax: Trouthunter Professional dry fly dubbing

Wingcase: Tiemco Aerodry winging material or Antron

Legs: Partridge

Wings: Hareline Medallion Wing Sheeting or Raffia/Swiss Straw


A fantastic Cranefly emerger pattern developed by Alec Medemblik and Arron Varga.

It floats in the film nicely, and offers a great profile.

Tie it in Soft Orange, Lt. Cahill, Lt. Olive, or Tan to match your local hatches.