To plan your itinerary and to ensure a pleasant day on the water, treat yourself to incredibly useful navigation tools – digital or printed charts and chartbooks for boaters and anglers. Navigate in full confidence with TrakMaps.

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Trak Maps and Navionics Charts A

About TrakMaps:

TrakMaps is comprised of an experienced team that has been guiding you since 1999. At the cutting edge of technology, we think outside the box in order to bring our customers the most innovative cartographic products for their outdoor recreation pursuits. As a result, our maps, charts and chartbooks are the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

Our data comes from government sources, ATV and snowmobile federations as well as our own bathymetric surveys. Our charts and maps are reliable, accurate and constantly reviewed for accuracy. In collaboration with experienced partners, we create charts and maps tailored to your needs, with your security as a priority.

OUR MISSION: to be your co-pilot of choice for your favourite outdoor activities
OUR VALUES: reliability, precision, quality, integrity and a sense of adventure!

Much like our clients, we too are outdoor enthusiasts and nothing stops us when we are well prepared!


SINCE 1999, TRAKMAPS HAS FOLLOWED THE TREND providing thousands of outdoor enthusiasts with maps, charts and chartbooks. Our team, comprised of passionate experts, works tirelessly to maintain the high quality that has made the reputation of the company in the market for digital and printed maps and charts: topographic maps, charts of lakes, rivers and waterways, cycling trails and ATV and snowmobile trails.

Well established in Canada and the United States, the company understands the respective needs of its clients. This is why its priority is to provide maps and charts for the outdoors of the highest quality.

A natural evolution: from printed to digital.

The technology of digital charts and maps for GPS at the service of outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, boaters and adventurers of all kinds.

With the advances of technology, it’s no wonder that more and more outdoor enthusiasts rely on digital maps to plan routes and discover new horizons. Simple and easy to use, digital maps can store a wealth of information and require very little space.

Reliable and pleasant to use, TrakMaps digital maps and charts are developed using government and other data, reviewed and approved.

5 Boating Safety Kits

1. Wear a Lifejacket

A Canadian Red Cross study examining boating deaths across Canada over 20 years found that 1 in 2 deaths could have been prevented if the victims were wearing life jackets.

Even if you are a good swimmer, nothing can prepare you for the rough and cold water, the dark, and you may need to help fellow passengers in distress. The cold shock on hitting the water tends to make you gasp for air, in which case water may enter the lungs. Always wear a lifejacket.

2. Leave the Alcohol Onshore

It shouldn’t be a surprise that alcohol diminishes judgment and reduces motor skills. According to the Canadian Red Cross, alcohol is present or suspected in more than 50% of boating fatalities. Alcohol and boating do not mix. Leave the alcohol onshore and boat sober. Make sure to have non-alcoholic beverages onboard to keep yourselves hydrated.

3. Check the Forecast

Weather services like The Weather Network Marine Forecast can help you plan how you will carry out your day, with useful information like winds, wave periods and wave heights. Always know what is in the forecast to ensure you aren’t stuck boating in poor or dangerous conditions.

4. Double-check Your Equipment

Always ensure you’ve packed the following essentials before leaving shore:

  • Lifejackets (with appropriate sizing for those onboard);
  • Buoyant heaving line;
  • Bell or whistle;
  • Visual distress signals or waterproof flashlight;
  • Fire extinguisher;
  • Drinking water.

These items are indispensable and could very save your life should an incident occur on the water. Check with your local authorities before leaving shore to ensure you are complying with minimum requirements.

5. Get a Nautical Chart

No boating activity is complete without knowing where you are on the water. Make sure to be equipped with a current printed or GPS nautical chart of the area to identify water depths, buoys, hazards, rocks and marinas.

In certain jurisdictions, having official charts, such as CHS charts in Canada and NOAA charts in the United States, are required when navigating on waterways. Check with your local authorities before leaving shore to ensure you are compliant.

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